Actor Owen Hisle

Owen Hisle

14261 E Tufts Pl #201
Aurora, Colorado 80015
720 648 0553
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Ministry Information: Owen Hisle is an American actor who has earned a trusted and respected name with-in the Colorado film entertainment industry. In 2001 Owen started training, working and, traveling all throughout the country as a professional film actor and continues with his drive to this day. Owen started out as an extra, worked his way up the proverbial film ladder taking on more challenging film roles, and is now one of the most marketable actors for principle/lead roles in Colorado today The Actor Owen Hisle name is a Colorado Registered Sec-State Trade Name & Trademark (ID# 20161466975) Since 2001 to present day, Owen has had the fortunate opportunity to train under, work for, work in, and work with some of the best known acting coaches, producers, directors, casting agents, and workshop coaches the industry has to offer. Owen has also been blessed to have worked in film projects with some of Hollywood's famous named actors, independent actors, directors, and production companies. Owen is more comfortable and prefers taking on tough guy roles (both serious & comedic) within many various genres, as well as producing Faith-Based projects however, Owen always welcomes the opportunity to take on many other types of character roles with-in many various genres, as well as produce secular family friendly projects, being selective of course, so as to still stand strong by not compromising his beliefs ("When it comes to secular filming for the believer in God, the boogieman-[satan], isn't always behind every door".......Owen Hisle) Owen almost always does and prefers to do his own stunts, when their required, in all his films
Objective: Traveling Performer(s), Professional, Workshops, Actor, Producer, Director, Narrator, Voice Overs, Acting Coach
Year Established: August 2001

Contact Name:Owen Hisle