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Why The Loafer Continues To Be One Of The Most Popular Shoes On The Market

There are a lot of people in the world that will opt for style over comfort when selecting their footwear; I am not one of them. I see women all the time stumbling around on stiletto heels that have got to be killing their feet and are horrible for the health of their feet, knees, and hips just because they want to be sexy. I could care less what someone thinks if the shoes aren't comfortable. Out of the thousands of different shoe styles we see on the market the loafer is really experiencing resurgence in popularity. Here are just a few of the reasons for the revival.

As I alluded to above, I look at comfort first when choosing shoes and apparently in the current market I am not alone. Other people who wear loafers will tell you the same thing, that they are the most comfortable footwear that they own. In addition these shoes allow your feet to breathe and they are good for the arches of your feet. Due to the fact that most of them are highly cushioned in the sole this also adds to the overall comfort. Unlike many other shoes, you don't rush to get these off as soon as you come in the door of your home as you do with most other shoes.

For many, another factor that draws people to this type of shoe is the ease of putting them on. In most cases you can simply slide the shoes on and since there are no laces to tie you are ready to go. This makes the footwear a Godsend for people with back problems who may experience great pain when trying to bend over to tie a regular shoe. With loafers you may not have to bend over at all, you can stand and slip your foot into them easily. They are extremely popular with pregnant women as well for obvious reasons.

These wonderful casual shoes come in styles that can accommodate any occasion from just hanging out around the house to business environments. You can use them to make an outfit look more casual or more dressy. For example, you can wear a nice pair of loafers with jeans and they will give you a somewhat classy but casual look. By pairing them with dress pants you create a look that is more businesslike or formal. If you are on your feet a lot, your feet will love you for wearing them to work.

Along with the increase in popularity of this comfortable footwear option we have seen a great increase the variety of styles that they can be found in. When first introduced the shoes were only available in brown and black leather but today they can be found in a variety of colors and materials.


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