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If you need to get the news of your audition out to a wide audience or you're looking to find an audition in your area, then the audition listings are for you. The auditions range from stage to movies to voice overs from across a wide geographic area. Thanks for using

Open My Eyes Lord
with EBB Productions - Inglewood CA 90305
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Production: (play) Open My Eyes Lord
Presentation: Sunday, December 7, 2014 At 6:30PM
Place: Academy Cathedral,3141 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood CA 90350
Contact: Producer, Eula Bramwell

Synopsis: A young girl named Susan born and raised in a christian environment but never accept Jesus as her Lord and savior...but Susan has a dream that changes her whole life...

Searching for Male and Female actors... for main, supporting and, minor roles...Ages Male & Female, 18-40

(Posted: October 13th, 2014)

Open My Eyes Lord
with Self - Inglewood, CA 90305
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Production (Screenplay): Open My Eyes Lord.
Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 6:30 PM.
Place: Academy Cathedral, 3141 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90250.
Contact: Producer, Eula Bramwell,
A young girl named Susan raised in a Christian environment but never accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior... but Susan has a dream that changes her whole life. How did Susan's dream changes her life? This and other questions will be answered in: Open My Eyes Lord.

(Posted: October 13th, 2014)

with Inspired Productions - Chico, CA
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Inspired Productions will be holding a live casting
call event in mid October. Dates and Times to be
determined. Submit your information to be
considered for this casting call. Details, character list
and signup form located at:

(Posted: September 19th, 2014)

Unconditional Love: Christian Mini-Series
with Rookie Films - Texas, USA
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Synopsis: What if an encounter with a stranger turned your whole life, right side up?

Searching for Male and Female Actors (main, supporting, and minor roles) for our upcoming Christian Mini-Series titled Unconditional Love.
Various episodes each consisting of a different story (e.g. suicide, bullying, etc) Filming will take place in South Texas (Rio Grande Valley) (hopefully in late October)Voluntary work. Film credit (IMdB too), dvd copy are provided as compensation. coming to DVD, VOD, & TV

(Posted: September 18th, 2014)

The Elect
with Ewe Savvy Productions - San Diego, CA
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We will be crowd-funding a 6-part
webisode, or full Feature Adventure
soon. A full 120 pg. script is in
final revision. Need 2 males + 2
females in their 20's for core
roles. Parents + extended family
roles, and a paramilitary. To be
shot in San Diego and Borrego
Springs. Interested in the project?
Send photo, contact, experience, to
Projected shooting in Jan-Feb '15.

(Posted: September 14th, 2014)

Permanent Prayer Warrior Positions
with Upon This Rock Films LLC - Centennial Colorado
[Click here to e-mail]

Upon This Rock Films LLC is now accepting submissions and will be holding in person interviews on October 4th 2014 for, permanent Prayer Warrior positions to be part of the UTRF team. For more details and how to set up your in person interview please visit >

(Posted: September 11th, 2014)

Original Christmas Musical Auditions
with Lighthouse Stage Productions - Long Branch, NJ United States
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Lighthouse Productions is looking for
fresh talent for our upcoming season
including a brand new Christmas
musical, "Time for a Miracle."

Auditions will be held Thursday,
September 11 from 7pm-9pm & Saturday,
September 13 from 10am-12pm at
Searchlight Church (Seashore School,
404 Broadway in Long Branch, NJ

Children ages 10 & up and adults are

For more information and to register
for auditions, visit

(Posted: August 20th, 2014)

Christmas 2014: Everlasting Joy
with Revelation Ministries Inc. - Florida
[Click here to e-mail]

Actors and singers 8 years of age and
up; men who can portray Scrooge;
Where: 116 NE 24th St., Wilton Manors,
Florida 33305
When: August 23, 2014 10:00 AM - 12:00
Compensation: This is a non-paid job.
Submission Instructions: please follow
this link:
Deadline for submission is Friday,
August 22, 2014.

(Posted: August 15th, 2014)

Christian Filming, Support Director Thoughts,Voice
with Mesha\'s Literary Artworks, LLC - Rocky Mount, North Carolina
[Click here to e-mail]

I am interested in the experience with Christian filming and the usage of my voice. To explore such an avenue, that would allow my God given gifts to be used for God's glory is believed to be inviting. Writing many descriptive words to describe my faith and character is not necessary. Let the Spirit of the Lord touch the heart of a genuine soul in want of support, when pursuing purpose in Christian filming. If you are guided to contact me, don't hesitate.

(Posted: July 25th, 2014)

LPC Media Group Actors and Actresses
with LPC Media Group - Orlando Airport Marriott, Florida, July 11-15
[Click here to e-mail]

Attention all authors, screenwriters, filmmakers, film
crew, and actors: The Gideon Media Arts and Film
Festival begins this Friday, July 11th through
Tuesday, July 15th. If you haven't registered yet,
now is the time. Contact Lori Marett to make an
appointment with me, Rowena Kuo, from LPC Media
Group. We are actively seeking projects to produce,
plus all cast and crew to fill our productions. I look
forward to meeting you!

(Posted: July 6th, 2014)

CHURCH FOLKS and many more parts
with CIC Productions - NEWPORT NEWS, VA
[Click here to e-mail]

is conducting Auditions-now until July 28, 2014 FOR OUR OCTOBER SHOWS.
120 Cast members
call 757.912.6846 for all positions needed.
2nd Year of showings.

(Posted: July 3rd, 2014)

Seeking Christian Comedian/M.C. For Film Screening
with UTR Films LLC - Centennial Colorado
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UTR Films LLC Seeking Christian Comedian/M.C. For Their Film Screening

(Posted: June 24th, 2014)

Television series for Kids: Tech Trackers
with His Nature TV Ministries - McKinney, Texas
[Click here to e-mail]

Talent Needed:

Luke, Age: 18 (or at least 18 -22 in appearance) Caucasian

Dan, Luke’s Father, Age (early 40’s) Caucasian

Young Luke AGE: 8-10

Jessica, Luke’s Mother, Age (early 40’s) Caucasian

Not Paid

Audition Day/Time: TBD

Tentative Shooting Schedule: (TBD summer/fall 2014)

Email Address if interested: and

***If interested, please send a headshot and resume to the above email.

(Posted: June 10th, 2014)

Actress in training
with Know Company - Florida preferebly Tallahassee
[Click here to e-mail]

Twanda McBride
African American Female age:48
Singer,Dancer,Actor in training I received my call to act by god in the early 2000s

(Posted: June 6th, 2014)

"My Life, My Faith, My God"
with The Drama Family - Chicago, Illinois
[Click here to e-mail]

The Drama Family is forming an ensemble of
actors to perform for diverse groups, delivering
positive Word of God based messages through
theatrical events and films in an upbeat non-
traditional manner.

Auditions will be held on June 7, 2014
(10:00am – 5:00pm) by appointment only.
(Location TBA)

Walk-ins are welcome, but we would prefer for
you to have an appointment, please send an e-
mail to the Director at if you are
interested in a time slot on 6/7/14 during the
hours above. Serious Inquiries Only.

Open positions include: (Pay based upon
character portrayed)
• Female Lead Actress
• 4 Supporting Actresses
• 3 Supporting Actors
Audition material consists of:
• Script Side (will be emailed with available time
slot and location)
For more information about this topic, please
contact Daniel Sprouse by e-mail at

About the Play “My Life, My Faith, My God”

Darnell Anderson is a typical hardworking
husband and father who is facing increasing
pressure from his wife, Nicole and other family
members to steer away from his Uncle Joe’s
Restaurant. They want him to attain meaningful
employment and become upwardly mobile.
Uncle Joe’s is not your average eatery, but a
haven for prostitutes, drunks, and drug addicts
and it hasn't turned a profit in years. Nicole’s
friend doesn't make it any easier as she
continues to egg Nicole on to make a stand
against Darnell and demand him to provide a
better life for his family. He must stand on his
faith, weather the storm, and find his true
purpose in life.

(Posted: May 17th, 2014)

male actors needed
with Voice of Deliverance Worship Center - Philadelphia Pennsylvania
[Click here to e-mail]

Voice of deliverance worship center is having their final casting call for the play "The Resurrected Life" on Saturday May 24th, 2014. We still have some leading male roles that need to be filled. For more information about the available roles, contact Betty

(Posted: May 13th, 2014)

The Pilgrim's Progress
with Puritan Productions - Dallas, Texas
[Click here to e-mail]

Male Actors Needed
Performance Dates: October 24,25,26
Rehearsals Begin: July(once per week)
Stipend Available

(Posted: April 29th, 2014)

The Pilgrim's Progress
with Puritan Productions - Dallas, Texas
[Click here to e-mail]

Male Actors Needed
Performance Dates: October 24,25,26
Rehearsals Begin: July(once per week)
Stipend Available

(Posted: April 29th, 2014)