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Theaters features one of the most versitile listings of Christian artistic resources on the web! From headshots to artistic networking to skits and ministry, you will find just what you are looking for to fill your need. Thank you for using

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"God's 7-Step Plan for your Success as His Artist", On line
A one-hour motivational teleseminar for Christian performing artists who desire a serious career in the entertainment industry and want to know how to go about it God's way. If you have been putting off your dream, are just starting out, or you are ready to take your career to the next level, this teleseminar is for you! - (Click here to visit)

1heart arts ministries, Hope Covanent Christian Church
Karitos Indy coming on Saturday May 4th. There are 27+ in theatre, dance, worship, visual arts, and vocal. Come to a conference and see the power of artists of all types both worshiping and collaborating together! See for more details! - (Click here to visit)

Abundance Bound - No More Starving Artists!!, Nationwide
We provide financial education for actors & artists. Our mission is to develop a community of artists able to pursue their creative goals free from the crushing weight of financial stress.

We mostly teach via tele-conference, so geography is not an issue, and offer a large variety of free resources if people are interested in taking us for a "test drive". - (Click here to visit)

Acting Class & Producer Showcase, LA , Nashville & Colorado
Brad Wilson is a Hollywood Producer who ran Robert Duvalls production company for 11 years and was one of the Producers of the "Believers Among Us" series. - (Click here to visit)

Acting Naturally, Ft. Lauderdale FL
A one day, dynamic drama workshop for your church or group by Mac McConnell, narrator of the Emmy award winning Fort Lauderdale Passion Play. Complimentary promo DVD on line - (Click here to visit)

Actor to Actor,
Actor to Actor is a monthly online magazine giving actings lessons, acting tips, interviews with those in the biz. - (Click here to visit)

Bible Character Actor, US
Mac McConnell, narrator of the Emmy Award winning Ft. Lauderdale Christmas pageant, presents one man Christian plays and Biblical dramas across the US and now authors award winning historical novels based on his dramas. - (Click here to visit)

Brad Wilson, Dallas, TX
Brad will be holding an Acting For the Camera Workshop and Producer's Showcase where he will be searching for talent. Please visit the website for more information. - (Click here to visit)

BrokenOpen Theatre, Toronto
Canada's only professionals specializing in training for Christians. Check us out! - (Click here to visit)

C.I.T.A., Nationwide USA
Christians in Theatre Arts. The nationwide networking organization. - (Click here to visit)

C.T.F.A., Australia
Christian Theatre Fellowship Australia.
An Australian network for christians involved in Theatre. - (Click here to visit)

Christian Actors & Musicians International Service, Alberta, Canada
I have two tried and true full length
faith based Musical Plays for
community theatre groups, churches
all the way up to professional theatre

1. Little Girl Girl Lost - A Christmas
Production to rival "A Christmas

2. Kelsey's Girls - an hilarious gut
wrenching story of a small town pastor
trying to raise his 5 daughters after
the death of his wife.

I have CD tracks for these shows and
both have songs to "live" for.

I can do skype online coaching.

Dan Bagan

780-983-1391 - (Click here to visit)

Christian Filmworks magazine, Ohio
Christian film magazine for the independent Christian filmmaker. Each issue contains inspring behind the scenes articles written by the filmmakers themselves on how they brought thier films to reality. - (Click here to visit)

Christian Musicals,
Musical scripts to read with Real Audio samples of the music. - (Click here to visit)

Christian Photography - Headshots, New York City
I shoot with a real gift for getting character captured in print, first timers get loads of help!

Have been wasting talent on those who dont 'get' it. - (Click here to visit)

Christian Theatre Scripts, Los Angeles, CA
Critically-acclaimed, full-length, contemporary, faith-based plays by Sandy Boikian - (Click here to visit)

Christian Youth Theater, NYC & NJ
Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started
in 1981 in San Diego & has become the
largest youth theater in the nation!

CYT NYC will offer after-school
theater arts classes (Ages 6-18) in
NYC & NJ beginning in September.

Fall classes include:
Our Gang (Age 6-7)
Drama FUNdamentals for Kids (Age 8-12)
Musical Theater Performance (Age 12-
Improv (Age 10-18)

NJ Classes: Mondays, 4:30-6:30pm at
Fardale Trinity Church
NYC Classes: Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30pm at
CAP21 Studios

REGISTER at - (Click here to visit)

Cisco Muldez, USA On-line Biblical Counseling
On-line 24/7 Biblical Counseling (phone, text, e-mail, or HIPPA compliant on-line service. Monthly automatic billing. - (Click here to visit)

Clear Vision Drama Company, Nationwide
Need a little drama in your life? Then look no further! Clear Vision Drama Company is a cutting-edge ministry relevent to today's media driven society! We speak truths using high-energy comedy,captivating mimes, intense videography, and impactful dramas! We are currently booking for Drama Revivals, youth conferences, anything and everything! You have an event? We will meet your needs from the speaker all the way to the dramas! For a promotional packet please call us at 417-860-9015! - (Click here to visit)

Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger, Pittsburgh
Candledancing: A Play in Two Acts
Paperback: 5.25 x 8.25
180 Pages
Release Date: 2009-05-19

Special Features:
ISBN #: 978-1-60604-626-5
Carton Count: 30

Product Category: DRAMA / Religious & Liturgical
Distributor: Ingram Spring Arbor

By Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger

Consumer Copy
When you ask God to be your dance partner... The
music never stops! CANDLEDANCING examines the
synthesis of humanity's spiritual dimensions - (Click here to visit)

CORE Theatre Arts Academy, Oxford, UK
Professional level training with an emphasis on physical acting and physical theatre. One of the unique qualities of this course lies in our ability to identify your strengths, regardless of your experience and training, and develop you further. You will be challenged, receive practical skills and confidence to make the next step in your career whether you want to go into further training or step out into the challenging world of the performing arts. July 20th and August 10th 2015, apply online. - (Click here to visit)

CORE Theatre Arts Academy, UK
A professional theatre arts training company whose work is based on a Christian worldview with a solid emphasis on the discipleship training model. Using proven theatre arts methods, combined with our unique mentoring approach, we develop the whole person in order to equip our students to identify their calling and use their gifts to bring cathartic truth and beauty into our culture. Our lectures directly address issues: ego, performance, identity, cultural impact, excellence, professionalism - (Click here to visit)

Created By Jana, USA
Faith scripts for Christian actors. Scripts are wonderful for readings, church, retreats, Bible studies and auditions. Entertaining and effective in capturing your audience's attention and hearts. - (Click here to visit)

Creative Helps, USA
Click & discover what hundreds of your creative peers already know: that is a clearinghouse of information and resources for the creative community! Find relevant articles about the creative process, creativity tips, an abundance of website links, and resources designed to get those creative juices flowing! Turn your creative blocks into stepping stones today by visiting - (Click here to visit)

Daily Bible Devotions, USA
Daily Bible Devotions Sent to your Cell phone. - (Click here to visit)

Dare to Dream TV,
Provides a CD to help people get started in the business. Very informative and it includes a section on making wise decisions about which direction to go in the business. - (Click here to visit)

Drama for the Church,
A large resource for church based drama ministries. - (Click here to visit)

Drama in the Church,
Specializes in short, pithy drama scripts for worship service performance. Plays require minimum preparation and cast. Free email delivery. - (Click here to visit)

Drama Share,
For the beginners! - (Click here to visit)

Dramatic Christian Ministries, Albuquerque, NM
* Film, Television, Radio, Media Ministry
* Workshops and Acting Training
* Dramatic Retreats
* Outreach Evangelism
* Conferences, Schools, Fellowships
* Holy Land Dramatic Presentations - (Click here to visit)

Dramatic Novels, Florida
International Bible character actor Mac McConnell transforms his one-man dramas into historical novellas that read like lost books of the Bible - (Click here to visit)

Eldridge Christian Plays & Musicals, Tallahassee, Fl
It is our goal to provide the highest quality drama available to Christian churches, no matter what the size or denomination. We have many titles including a large variety of Christmas and Easter plays and musicals. We also have full-lengths, one-acts, melodramas, children's theatre, dinner theatre, audience participation, and resource books. - (Click here to visit)

Faces & Places Ministries Christian Arts Center, Tyrone, PA
Faces & Places Ministries Center for the Christian Arts is located in Central Pennsylvania and is dedicated to educating, equipping, encouraging Christian Artists for Creative Ministry. Creative Ministries such as Drama,Human Video, Clowning, Puppetry, Dowel Rod Mime, and Musical Theater are all taught and presented at the Center.We are also a resource center for Scripts,Costumes, Props and Directoral help for churches in need of assistance in producing a professional quality production. - (Click here to visit)

Faith Based Acting For the Camera, Dallas, Texas
Faith Based Acting For the Camera Workshop/Showcase - by Hollywood producer, Brad Wilson.

Does your art collide with your faith? Does your talent challenge your calling? Hollywood film producer Brad Wilson, wants to help you find direction from the Bible that has not only encouraged him to continue his work in film and television, but to see it as a calling vs a job in a new series of workshops: Faith Based Acting for the Camera. - (Click here to visit),
FilmCommissionHQ is the world's most current, accurate and complete online directory of Film Commissions and media support offices, allowing media professionals to find regional production expertise quickly. - (Click here to visit)

Final Print, Hollywood CA
A wide variety of promotional items to help actors get their face noticed. - (Click here to visit)

Finding Faith Ministries, Illinois
Providing "back to basics" money coaching and a topical speaking ministry. - (Click here to visit)

Free Christian Musical Dramas, Sarasota, Florida
Four wonderful Christian Musical Drama scripts and Christian accompaniment music are now available to you free of cost. Our hope is that many will come to Jesus through performances of these plays.

- (Click here to visit)

Funding for Christian Artists, Los Angeles, CA
UJIMAA is a faith based crowdfunding platform for the Christian community. We wanted to make it easy for Christian start ups, Artists, Musicians, Charities and the like to get their projects off the ground. - (Click here to visit)

Got GOD Films, Southern California
We produce Bible Based films spreading the word of GOD and sharing the message of Jesus the Christ. Come join us - (Click here to visit)

Higher Purpose Media, All US States
Higher Purpose Media Announced
Hollywood, California - Veteran film Producer Brad Wilson who has been presenting faith based acting workshops across the country has announced the launch of HIGHER PURPOSE MEDIA.

The mission of HIGHER PURPOSE MEDIA is to continue, after 25 years of making films in Hollywood, to elevate entertainment in positive ways and in various forms including film, radio, television, music, as well as our dynamic acting workshops.

- (Click here to visit)

Huntington University Dept. of Theatre Arts, Huntington Indiana
Huntington University is a highly ranked Christian college offering degrees in theater performance, theater design technology, and theater education. - (Click here to visit)

Ideaprov (a division of Light Hearted) equips leaders with the tools of improvisation and spontaneous theater. Instruction, performances and consultation. - (Click here to visit)

Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio , Santa Monica  CA
The Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio is the only professional premiere acting studio with Christian leadership The acting school has trained Halle Berry Robin Wright and Patrick Dempsey among others. They offer short and long term study for both the pre-professional and professional actor writer director and producer. They specialize in Meisner training and are the premiere Meisner school in California. - (Click here to visit)

Karitos Worship & Arts Conference, Chicago Area - Bolingbrook, IL
Karitos is exciting plenary sessions,
world-renowned artists, performances &
showcases, evening celebrations,
challenging speakers, exuberant
worship, freedom of expression, true
ministry, and oh, yeah, great
fellowship with like-minded Christian
artists....all at that very low price!
Sign up today to experience Karitos!!
Register by May 15th for only

Also join us on Facebook! - (Click here to visit)

Lillenas Publishing,
Nazarene Publishing House's multi-faceted resource site, including Lillenas Music and Drama. - (Click here to visit)

Mallatts Pharmacy and Costumes, Madison, WI
Welcome to If you are looking for Theatrical Makeup, Costume Wigs, Hats, Masks, or Costume Accessories, you have come to the right place. We have been in the Costume Business for over sixty years. We offer a great selection, fair pricing as well as 10% discounts to Church and Theatre Groups. Check us out on line or visit our store in Madison, WI.
- (Click here to visit)

Manor of Grace Publishing, Houston, Texas
This site has plays written and produced by Jeannette Clift George the founder and Artistic Director of the A.D. Players a Houston based Christian theater that has offered plays at their theater throughout the world. Jeannettes theater experience includes seasons at the Alley Theater, Washington's Arena Stage and touring with the New York Shakespeare Co. She starred in The Hiding Place as Corrie ten Boom. She is a national speaker and writer. - (Click here to visit)

Masterwork Productions, Inc., national
We're a Christian organization reaching out through the performing arts. We produce our own shows, present and represent Christian performers for bookings and provide training through conferences and customized workshops for church drama and worship teams.

We represent Torry Martin and Maggie Rowe, who offers three dramatic portraits of faith. - (Click here to visit)

McKenna Family Chronicles, Millville, NJ
This is the first in a planned eight book series aimed at Christian Readers who like Historical Romance, but don't want to go against their beliefs to read one. Enjoy! - (Click here to visit)

Media Volt, UK
Media site offering Auditions & Jobs for
Actors, Musicians and Theatre production
crew community. - (Click here to visit)

MegaGrace Live Church of the Arts, Jackson, Tn
MegaGrace Live Church of the Arts is the perfect place for the creative mind. We are raising up and releasing global creative warriors.   Here individuals are encouraged to Boldy Xpress their God Given Creativity through visual arts, fashion, design, dance, music,filmmaking, acting, producing, singing, writing and other diverse forms of artistic expression. - (Click here to visit)

Michael Chekhov Studio Orlando, Central Florida
Michael Chekhov Studio Orlando (MCSO) is an
actors\' training studio offering classes and
private/semi-private coaching for actors at all
levels as well as business professionals
seeking to better perform in their work.
Founded by Joe Herrera, MCSO\'s curriculum is
grounded in the Michael Chekhov Technique of

The MCSO\'s mission and goal is to provide
intensive Chekhov actor training of actors,
teachers, directors and business professionals
under the discipline of the Chekhov approach. - (Click here to visit)

My Christian Audition, Utah
My Christian Auditions is a part of The Independent Christian Media Network. You can submit your video or audio clips to us to post on this Christian Auditions web site for an opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. This can help Christian recording artists, actors, bands, singers, song writers, film makers and many others in areas of Christian media have a place to showcase their Christian talent. - (Click here to visit)

Network of Independent Christian Artists,
A unique meeting place for both the artist and the church to join together in ministry. - (Click here to visit)

New christian talent agency, United Kingdom
Christian musicians and casting network.
This website offers a unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to form a choir, join a band or simply connect with other likeminded people who have embraced their gift and wishes to share this gift with others. - (Click here to visit)

Non-Profit, Greenville, SC
At we "RAISE FUNDS BUT WITHOUT FUND-RAISERS!" for faith-based non-profits. Learn how, visit us today!
Gene Papke
President & Founder
(864) 294-1464

-Prior to getting into the financial arena I spent over 35 years designing scenery for television, movies, stage productions, special events, etc. Taught scenic design at Pensacola Christian College, P'cola, FL., the Academy of Arts Drama Ministry in Greenville, SC. Still keep my hand in it --- local ministry stuff! - (Click here to visit)

OAS Productions - Traveling Christian Theatre, Chicago, IL
Only a Stranger Productions Traveling Christian Theatre provides Professional & Affordable Christian Theatrical Productions for Your Church, School, Organization, Camp, Retreats, Devotionals, Parties and More! For a list of current productions and booking information please, visit: We Look Forward to Serving You! - (Click here to visit)

OneWayFilms, USA
This is a forum for Christians in the film industry and fans of Christian Entertainment. We also have a Entertainment News for Christians, and we do interviews with Christian Celebrities, and talk about faith issues and testimonies.

We've recently interviewed David AR White, and Timothy Bottoms. We would LOVE to interview more Christians in the industry, as this is our vision. - (Click here to visit)

Original Play, "It's Not To Late",
A Christian musical-drama based on the Columbine tragedy. A story of decisions people make about God. Runs 55 minutes and takes a cast of 11-12. - (Click here to visit)

Peak Vision TV, Derbyshire, UK
Production Company with a vision to reach the unsaved through all that television has to offer producing dramas, films, documentaries for TV and shorts for web viewing.

Looking for Christian actors wanting experience and willing to give of their time, with a passion to be involved in spreading the gospel through television. - (Click here to visit)

Perelandra College, Distance Learning
Perelandra College is dedicated to the Word, to both Biblical wisdom and communication in language.

The college exists to provide a community founded on Christian principles where creative people can grow in spirit and mind while studying in relevant, enriching, and affordable classes.
Our Creative Writing program's mission is to assist writers with artistic discovery through rigorous training in craft, exposure to masterworks of literature and examples of contemporary forms, and guidance in the pursuit of inspiration.
- (Click here to visit)

Pocket Parables, MI
Pocket Parables Media is dedicated to the production and distribution of quality Christian film through an absolutely FREE website. - (Click here to visit)

Professional Performing Arts Camp, San Antonio, TX
Professional Performing Arts Camp offered during July in San Antonio. Paul Tinder and Vaughn Taylor are the founders and have hundreds of professional credits in both New York and Los Angeles. Worshop intensives in Acting, Acting on Camera, Musical Theatre and Film Making for Young Directors. Our last film, The Long Ride Home, was distributed by Lions Gate. Please go to the website for more information on the founders, the camp and our plans for the San
Antonio region. - (Click here to visit)

PSALM's Ministry,
PSALM's Ministry where salvation is taught through the sacred arts. Twana Lawler author, poet, playwright, founder invites you to visit her website. - (Click here to visit)

Rambo-911 Awareness Ministry, Ministry on The Inter-Net
All Glory Be To JESUS, Carry A Cross 4 JESUS. You Can Purchase a Hand Made Cross On Ministry Site, Free Delivery. - (Click here to visit)

A movie that promotes good family values. Based on a true story about a coach who trained his son to be a champion in the competitive world of high school wrestling. - (Click here to visit)

Rickie Birran, Sir ReadAlot, Eugene OR
Sir ReadAlot combines the arts of acting and storytelling with the discipline of oral interpretation to bring the printed word to life. - (Click here to visit)

Righteous Insanity, New Albany, Indiana
Drama resources for churches and ministries, with materials for all age groups. Features a catalog of more than 700 scripts, plus a custom script writing service by award-winning writer John Cosper. Also features free content including audio and video materials, sample scripts, human video scripts, and an online how-to guide to drama ministry. Workshops and speaking engagements also available. - (Click here to visit)

Riverside School of Performing Arts, England
One year training school in theatre and Bible teaching for young Christians aged 18-25. Performs locally and nationally, aiming to serve the community and resource local churches. - (Click here to visit)

Rizen Star Online Talent Network, USA
Online talent network for those in the entertainment field. Services include workshops/seminars, coaching, e-store, online travel booking, live events, online portfolios, and more. - (Click here to visit)

Rox 35,
An international, nonprofit ministry offering training and consulting on the production and effective use of comics (Christian included). - (Click here to visit)

Scripts By Warren, Murfreesboro, TN
Christian plays & skits for churches, schools & Christian theaters by playwright & actor, Warren Sager. From short skits to full length plays. Over 175 scripts including Christmas, Easter & all holidays, some biblical, historical, heroes of faith, comedies, dramas, mysteries, children's scripts, puppet scripts, Dinner Theater scripts, some free scripts & custom script writing available. Excerpts online for each script. - (Click here to visit)

Scripts By Warren, Nashville, TN
Warren has written over 250 Christian scripts for
churches, schools, theaters or home school groups.
There are a number of free scripts. Custom writing
is available. Purchase with credit card or PayPal and
download your script the same day. - (Click here to visit)

Services for Actors ( Head Shots & Acting Classes), Southern California
We provide awesome pictures for awesome prices. Get over 300 pictures for less than $200.00 or join a Christian based Acting class for less than $200.00 for four weeks. We love take pictures and teaching acting and it shows. Our acting students have a habit of booking job and our head shots get rave reviews from agents and CD. All monies from our services go into the Body of Christ Family Film Ministry. Click on the link, we look forward to getting to know you. - (Click here to visit)

SkitMissions: A Collection of Monologues and Skits, Manitoba, Canada.
Free e-book. A Bible based collection of Christian monologues and sketches. From light pieces aimed at a young audience, to powerful evangelistic skits that challenge an audience to consider Christ, to monologues that present the audience with thought provoking questions, this collection is sure to enhance your script library. - (Click here to visit)

Starbiz talent, London
Free to join IF ACCEPTED Talent Agency looking for new faces. I am an established agent (30 years experience) looking for extras or trained actors of all ages for TV, commercials, or photographic work. I am London based but need people from all areas to offer clients more choice. I am particularly interested in actors with accents but these need to be trained actors. I need all ages, shapes and sizes for TV extra work no experience is necessary for this. Contact: - (Click here to visit)

Summertime Christmas, Virginia
Summertime Christmas is a Christian film that was shot using several actors found on Check out the film and see what a listing on can make you available for. - (Click here to visit)

Tampa Models and Talent, Nationwide
Tampa Models and Talent is for aspiring Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers and Pageant contestants to learn how to use the abilities God has given them to launch a career in show business and on the stage. - (Click here to visit)

Tapestry Entertainment, South New Jersey, USA
We want to be a vehicle for the disenfranchised to have their stories told in an inspiring yet positive way; to give a face to, and a voice to groups who would never be heard; to portray real people in real life situations that are interesting and relevant to society's values; to produce films that appeal to a wide audience base, that are exciting, humorous and informative yet uncovering the rich, cultural traditions that give this country a unique tapestry; to illuminate the common threads that hold us together, while acknowledging the destructive ones that must be plucked out like unwanted thorns. - (Click here to visit)

The Fiery Serpent: A Christian Theory of Film, Maine, USA

Abigail Davidson at 360.802.9758
or Paul Kuritz at 207-786-6257

New Filmmakers Give Us a "Glimpse of Grace", Bates College Theater Professor Says

Just as Moses lifted a flaming serpent on a bronze pole before the children of Israel in the wilderness, pointing onlookers to Messiah, the theater and film arts today are capturing the modern imagination with their craft, focusing it on Christ and His victory over evil in our world, says midlife convert, director Paul Kuritz. - (Click here to visit)

The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy, Hollywood, CA
The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy, located
in the heart of Hollywood, offers a range of
courses in Acting and Filmmaking that teach the
creative, emotional, networking, and business
sides of the craft.

Courses range from 1 day workshops to 6 month
intensives and individual attention is strongly
emphasized. The HWFAA also provides FREE
housing for our longer programs to those who
qualify. Visit us or call today!
323.962.8554 - (Click here to visit)

The Joshua Zone,
Scripts and a variety of theater related information. - (Click here to visit)

The Kirton Drawn Back,
Free scripts for skits and human videos plus more for christian youth and their leadership. - (Click here to visit)

The Studio Upstairs podcast, Central Florida
A podcast featuring information, commentary and hepful suggestions to people involved in Christian film or Christians involved in any kind of film. We have reviews, interviews, and film project updates. - (Click here to visit)

The Unveiling,
An original rock musical! - (Click here to visit)

Theatrical Ministries Inc., Gilbert Arizona
TMI is a resource for Christian churches, schools and any other ministry organization to empower and equip in as simple, yet professional a process as possible for the use of the performing arts in order to use that medium for outreach and ministry to its surrounding community and beyond. Its content consists of skits, plays, musicals and workshops created and formatted in such a way as to make the production process practical and realistic for organizations not necessarily equipped to do so. - (Click here to visit)

Till My Last Breath, Charlotte, NC
This Film is a story about my Fiance.
Her love and faith in God changed my
life and the lives of her friends,
family, and coworkers. Till My Last
Breath chronicles the events that
occurred during our final moments
together. - (Click here to visit)

TNC Talent Services, Des Moines, IA
A Christian family owned talent agency. Giving God the Glory and exhalting Him in everything.

God has given you a gift, a talent..YOU can use it for HIS Glory. - (Click here to visit)

Track 2 Scene 5 Studios, Brea, California
T2S5 Studios are available to train or assist you
with the creation of your dream.

We believe in empowering artists by providing
them with the technical skills needed to create
their own opportunities.

We encourage proactive steps and self reliance,
so there\'s no more \"Waiting On Hollywood.\"

We also work with Screenwriters and Independent
Filmmakers via Skype. Please visit our website at for more information. You may
also e-mail us for a brochure at
. Thanks. - (Click here to visit)

Tri Seven Entertainment,
Providing innovative film, music and video content that all can enjoy. - (Click here to visit)

Trudyellen, Portrait Photographer, Boca Raton FL
Auditioning and promotional headshots - (Click here to visit)

Verified Casting Notices (VCN) 100% FREE, Nationwide
We provide hundreds of casting leads, notices, jobs and inside information for Christians and like minded individuals interested in acting, TV hosting, fashion modeling or working in various aspects of TV or Film production. There are NEVER any fees of any kind EVER ! These are listings and casting notices for the entire family. Everything is FREE! See you there ! - (Click here to visit)

Vince Rideout - Team Ministries, Massachusetts
Christians who feel called to serve God in a "term missions" commitment, including but not exclusively actors, writers, and people with or seeking drama experience. - (Click here to visit)

Voice over demos, Glendale,California
Recording studio dedicated to the production of voice over demos for the benefits of your next auditions. - (Click here to visit)

White Lion Pictograph, USA
Christian films are now available for free download to clergy and laypeople at Classic Christian films like MUSIC BOX and THE ESTATE SALE are available at no charge for personal & family use as well as ministry & youth group use. These films are available for users to download anywhere in the world.

The digital films can be played on computers, iPods, portable media players and televisions (via user-created DVDs). - (Click here to visit)

Will Work For God, England
Christian Art Gallery - (Click here to visit)