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Artists features one of the most diverse listings of Christian artists on the web! This comprehensive list features Christian artists across the United States and around the world. Celebrate the wide variety of creative expressions that God has gifted us to give Him glory! Thank you for using

A Gospel Comedy Experience., Everyone's first stop for hilarious, wonderful, spirit-filled gospel humor. - (Click here to visit)
A.M. Garcia, I am a 25 year old singer/song writer/rapper/ actor, as well as husband and father looking to grow more in my acting gifts. I have a passion for it and feel i need to begin pursuing it more actively as I believe that God is bringing me to do many things in film. I have done 2 plays, 1 short film and a i myself put together a 3 min silent short to illustrate passionately waiting Christ's return. I am 6'1", hispanic, athletic build ,eager, and a quick learner fully dedicated to Christ. - (Click here to visit)
Adam Robert Alb, Adam is an artist, actor, musician, and follower of Christ. He can plan drums and guitar, and has a bit of acting experience also. He recently released his first single, "Holding On," on iunes ( You can sample and buy it at or sample and buy it on itunes by typing into the search box on itunes "Adam Alb Holding On." Adam would love the opportunity to audition for future movie roles in Christian films. God Bless you! - (Click here to visit)
BEARÉ TONE , Deep voice Christian singer "Bearé Tone" trying to get his Christian songs in Christian movies so if anyone is looking for Christian songs for your movies contact "Bearé Tone" - (Click here to visit)
Blaire LaClare, Want an actor with a great God-given talent? Ifso, I am a 29 yr old, Caucasian amateur actor. I live in Glaslyn, Sask., Canada with my husband and kids. The effort to get me to act may seem small since I am from a fairly remote area but I believe acting is my gift to glorify God with. I have acted for over 10 yrs, directed community theatre, re-written a book into script at age 15, etc. Have a blessed day! - (Click here to visit)
Bob Ladrach, I'm an actor/producer/video audio guy looking for work. I've been in the business for many years. Because of the way media production has changed over the years, being capable in many disciplines has always helped me meet project goals. If you need a person that can help you get where you need to go, that's me. I've been married to my lovely wife for 25 years and have walked with the Lord for over 30. Check out my testimony on my website. Thanks and God Bless. - (Click here to visit)
Cassandra Hollis, Cassandra Hollis is an artist who expresses her art as an actress, dancer (modern, ballet, liturgical, hip hop, etc.), writer/producer/directer and singer. She has received national and international recognition for her films, both in front of and behind the camera. Please visit Holy Hill Productios website for more info. - (Click here to visit)
Christian Thomas, I am an actor/singer living in Los Angeles and am very interested in finding a network of believers to spend time with as well as projects that are in line with my Christian beliefs. - (Click here to visit)
Christina Benjamin, Actress/Christian Recording Artist/ Songwriter. Please checkout my music and vote for me 2012 Rhythm of Gospel Awards currently have 4 nominations. Please support God Bless. - (Click here to visit)
Chuck Neighbors, "Master's Image Productions" is Mr. Neighbor's theatre ministry. Visit his web site to find out more information! - (Click here to visit)
Ciro Di Donna, Ciro is an Alternative acoustic 12 String Christian artist and Surrealist from Whitestone. - (Click here to visit)
Clear Vision Drama Company, A group you have got to see. Check their calendar to see if Clear Vision will be in your area. This is a multi-media experience like no other. Check their site to learn all about them. They do take auditions. - (Click here to visit)
cody burdette, Great christian actor/singer/dancer,looking for great christian auditions - (Click here to visit)
Colin Tracy, I am a Christian actor, writer, songwriter, and singer. I have written a play, a musical, a ten-minute play, and eight TV show episodes. I graduated in May 2012 from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor's degree in Theater. I have acted in, as well as directed, many shows. I have a passion for using my acting and writing abilities for God. - (Click here to visit)
Coral MacLeod, I have enjoyed acting since I was small. In home I starred as dumbo, nearly breaking my nose diving into the blue beanbad chair tub from the "tower" bed and directing mom and dad in a production of the christmas story where mom would be mary and dad as "mean herod." I love nature films and inspirational family films. I changed from a liberal arts degree to writing devotionals on the internet, film degree and hope to do voices for animated film and acting, producing, directing. Thank you. - (Click here to visit)
Courtney S. Bunbury, Blessings, I'm an actor looking to expand my voice in the Christian Centered Film market. I'm a trained actor as well as a Follower of Christ. You can reach me at 310-954-6364 or at Heather@MaultsbyTalent. I'm NY/LA based & am willing to travel. - (Click here to visit)
Curt Cloninger, Since 1982 Curt has performed thousands of times all over the world. He’s equally at home performing for large national conferences or in small intimate settings. His performances have an intimate quality which pulls audiences into the story. Curt commonly hears from people who tell him that his characters and stories are still impacting their lives, years after seeing a performance. His work might best be described this way: Great Stories. Well Told. Lasting Impression. - (Click here to visit)
Dan McGowan, Dan McGowan is a clean/Christian comic who performs in churches and for corporate events nationwide. Dan is also a pro actor and voice over talent rep'd in Denver with Donna Baldwin Talent. He has appeared in many commercials and films and was a recent finalist in the search for the new Maytag Repairman. - (Click here to visit)
David Shelton, David Shelton is a singer, actor, storyteller and mime. Learn about his well established ministry, and get booking information. - (Click here to visit)
Dennis Cameron, The founder of the 90's Christian rock band "Angelica". - (Click here to visit)
Dennis Cole, Dennis is an experienced actor and Bible actor. You can view his IMDB resume at - (Click here to visit)
Derrell Owens, His personal web site pertaining to his playwrighting and acting. - (Click here to visit)
Donny Richmond, Singer/Actor, Looks Like Movie Star, Proven Successful, similar presence to Elvis. - (Click here to visit)
Dorothy Mays Clark, Dorothy has been acting professionally for over 15 years. She has been blessed to have theater, film, commercial, studio recordings and live recordings to her credit. Dorothy thanks God for all of the blessings that He has given her and believes in giving back to Him what He has given to her! - (Click here to visit)
Ellie Veigel, The personal website of a young Christian singer and actress in Denver, CO. - (Click here to visit)
Evangelist Bridgett, looking to advance the kingdom of God through film have a lot to offer in gifts and talent, and it is time that we as the children of the most high God take the kingdom by force. letting our light shine in this dark world. - (Click here to visit)
Faith Renee Kennedy, Faith Renee loves the entire process, from the classes, to the auditions, and of course being on set or stage. She lights up at the sight of 'sides', and glows when she reads a script. She just comes alive. She's described as a rare, 'old soul'. She's young, but she's very mature for her age. She's commonly complimented for her professionalism on set and her ability to take direction quickly and effectively. - (Click here to visit)
Fitz Houston, Whether you're looking for a great acting class,BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS, a good acting coach, keeping up with the progress of Fitz Houston's career or are interested in appearing as a performer on one of Fitz's variety TV shows in the Los Angeles area,(see, this site is for you. The site also includes a wealth of useful information and links regarding the entertainment business. - (Click here to visit)
Glory Film Productions, Glory Film Productions is an amateur film company run entirely by homeschooled kids in Florida. They make short films fairly frequently and their mission is to give the glory to God through film, and to inspire others, pointing them to the Savior. - (Click here to visit)
Imani Nia Williams, I am an actress and singer in my 20s who has over 8 years of acting, singing, and dance experience. I would love the opportunity to work on a faith based production, be it a film, TV show, play or musical. I am in the NY/NJ area. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you are interested in working with me. - (Click here to visit)
Jack Caulfield, Friends of William Tyndale- This site hosts a gallery and information about William Tyndale. Also: How to bring the critically acclaimed play: "Fire for the Ploughman" to your church or convention. - (Click here to visit)
Janay Colon, Janay Colon is a professional actor for the pass 10 years and is a member of the screen actor's guild and A.F.T.R.A she has done work in commercials, soap opera, film and some theatre work as well. She recently performed with singer songwriter Wolfgang Hildebrandt on THE HARVEST SHOW back in December for a christmas presentation and was well received all over the world. Be sure to check out some clips from the show on Janay is available for feature films. - (Click here to visit)
Janet Lee Meadows, I am musican and artist. I work on small theatrical projects and I do braille monologues works etc. for the blind actor. I am visually impaired myself and work with the visually impaired. See my website for more info. My contact info: Janet Lee Meadows P. O. Box 44635 Indianapolis IN 46244 phone 317-423-1017 - (Click here to visit)
Jennifer Elaine, Jennifer is a Christian actress, singer, author, poet, and liturgical dancer. She is available to teach acting workshops and perform at churches, conferences and schools. - (Click here to visit)
Jeremiah Erikson, Jeremiah Erikson is a South Florida- based actor in his early twenties who has been a part of several award- winning productions. Experienced both in front of and behind the camera, he believes the arts reflect the image our Creator within humanity. He received Meisner training from renowned Theatre actor and director Don Butler, and has acted for screen in commercials and film while learning under Academy Award-winning director Antonio Zarro. He has his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema-Television. - (Click here to visit)
Joe Herrera, Joe Herrera is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association. He’s a trained actor and studied with actor/instructor, F. Murray Abraham, David Garfield and Mark Zeller. Joe also studied with Janice Cavalier as a trained tenor. He recently studied and worked with actor/instructor Rus Blackwell at the Actor's School. He is artistic director for Zion's Creation Drama Ministry. His credits range anywhere from Off-Broadway prods, Dinner Theatre, Drama Ministry, Episodic TV, and Independent Films. - (Click here to visit)
Joe Herrera, Biography Joe Herrera was born Jose Rafael Herrera on September 27, 1973. Born & raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Joe is the oldest of 3 talented children, who all have their own unique gifts of singing. They were known throughout their community as the "El Trio Herrera" . Joe started acting at the age of 9 at John Burroughs Elementary school where he first appeared as a bus patron in a Martin Luther King, Jr. play, followed by various lead roles during Middle and High School. It was then he realized that the stage would be his true calling. - (Click here to visit)
John Martin, I have been making Christian films since 1980. We produce direct to DVD short Christian films. Visit us on line at for more info - (Click here to visit)
Jon Arthur, Jon Arthur is an ultra-conservative radio talk show host and aspiring actor. Jon is a Christian first and foremost. Jon is best known as the host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show "Jon Arthur Live" heard Monday-Friday at 8 a.m. Central on the First Amendment Radio Network. Jon Arthur was recently an extra on the soon to be released feature films "The Hot Flashes"(2012)and "The Tomb"(2013). Jon Arthur is available for work as an actor on Christian Films. Contact: 253-323-7555 - (Click here to visit)
Juli Tapken, I am a mid 30s Christian actress credited with films on CFDb and IMDb. I am seeking Christian productions to appear in. - (Click here to visit)
Justin Lewis, I am a Canadian based actor. I live in rural Alberta Canada with my wife and kids. I have acted for a number of years professionally. I have a great deal of experience in lead and supporting roles in various feature films and theater productions. Visit my website, like my Facebook page, check out my blog and keep an eye out for lots of future projects worth your support. - (Click here to visit)
Karen Ottoson, We represent Christian actor Robert Glenn Jones. Robert is well suited for strong African American character roles. He has appeared in several major indie films. Please visit to learn more about Robert Glenn Jones. - (Click here to visit)
Katherine Terrill, NYC Actress- - (Click here to visit)
Kathy Frady, Kathy Frady's zany wig wearing costumed characters will fill your women's ministry or church event with laughter! - (Click here to visit)
Katrina Palmer, I am really alot of fun and outgoing once I warm up with the crew. I love people and being around them. I do not look down on anyone. I enjoy life and being alive. Being in character brings me alive I love it. - (Click here to visit)
Keena Robins Jr., Hello!! My name is Keena Robins Jr. My artist name is “Orographic Interaction." I am a Christian/Gospel Music Producer who is looking to start a career as a music producer within the music and movie industry. I have a passion for music and I am an extremely hard worker!!.. You can hear some of my music at:,,,,, and I look forward to doing business with you!.. Thanks and be blessed.... Contact Info: Email: - (Click here to visit)
Kenny Bird, Actor, singer, musician. - (Click here to visit)
Kevin Johns, Kevin is one of Wales best known comedy performers.A former Pastor Kevin now broadcasts daily as the Breakfast Show host on Swansea Sound and appears on stage in a variety of roles in Weslsh Theaters and across the UK with his one man show,Comic Belief. He is soon to appear as soccer loving Vicar Joe in the new Comedy and will then tour with Theatre Company Wales in the Mal Pope musical Amazing Grace. In December Kev will return to the the Grand Theatre Swansea, as Widow Twanky in Aladdin - (Click here to visit)
Kim White, Professional Female Voice Over. Email a script, and I'll return a custom demo MP3. Use a professional female voice for your ministry, radio/TV commercial, message on-hold, narration, audio book, talking house, webcast, podcast, documentary, or any other project you create! Let's work together to create an excellent project to further His kingdom! "Whites Voice. Right Choice." - (Click here to visit)
Krista Mae Griffin, Hi! My name is Krista Mae Griffin. I am an aspiring actress that is currently looking for work. I really want to get introduced to the industry through a Christian based film. I am currently enrolled in classes with Brian Reise and am doing background work in the mean-time. I want to get as much experience as possible with both tv and film. I am based out of LA, am 21 years old, 5'4", brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, and 130lbs. Please let me know if you have any auditions coming up! Thanks! - (Click here to visit)
Latrice Carr, A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, Latrice is an Inspirational Gospel Artist who loves music. Latrice uses an urban hip hop flair of music to gather the listening ears of the youth to bring and keep them closer to Christ. Although her main target audience is the youth, her music is made to be fun and inspirational to all who have the love of music. Need a professional to sing at your next event? Latrice sings at weddings, funerals, retirement ceremonies/parties and athletic events. - (Click here to visit)
Laurette Willis, One-woman musical drama featuring 3 of the Bible's most intriguing women. Plus workshops and other shows available by professional actor, singer and comedienne Laurette Willis of DoveTale Productions. - (Click here to visit)
Laurie Kiel, Laurie writes and performs original dramatic monologues of various women from the Bible. The slogan of her ministry is "Drama that touches the dreamer in you." With Laurie's monologues it's as if the characters of the Bible walks out of its pages into the hearts of the audience..changing them forever. - (Click here to visit)
Leslie Richards, Growing up in the Bay Area has provided many spiritual stumbling blocks, but at 28, I am now following God's call to pursuit my talents for his purpose. I've loved the arts all my life and I am looking for opportunities to use my gifts to encourage, challenge, and inspire others. I'm an African American female, 5'6" and 120lbs with very youthful features. Please email me to get a copy of my resume. - (Click here to visit)
Liubov Boyarskaya, Hello! My name is Liubov, which means Love in Russian:) I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I became Christian 14 years ago and still lead faithful Christian life.I used to take part in many Christian plays and performances. I also took part in some half-professional secular theater studios as an actress. I have artistic mind and heart and I used it for to direct some Christian plays by myself. You can see some of my pictures on My heart belongs to God and I pray to use skills 4 Him. - (Click here to visit)
Lucy McTier, Christian artist. - (Click here to visit)
Luella Krieger, I do first person dramatic portrayals of women of the Bible and some historic Christian women. I am also a Christian storyteller using Gospel illusion and storytelling to bring the Bible to life - (Click here to visit)
Mac McConnell, One Man Biblical dramas impersonating Simon Peter, St. Paul, Zacchaeus, Nicodemus and more in churches, schools, prisons, youth camps, dinner theater, and "on location" in Greece and Israel with over 11,000 decisions for Christ. See on line for complimentary promo DVD. - (Click here to visit)
Mark Price, Our Mission Statement The purpose of Mark Price Ministries is to inspire and ignite the faithful. To motivate and encourage believers to discover their God-given potential. To challenge churchgoers to a greater understanding of what it means to believe. - (Click here to visit)
Meredith Paige Fraley, Meredith Paige Fraley is a ten year old actor, singer, and dancer from Kentucky, with a small stature, but a big smile, and an even bigger heart! She is signed with an agent at PCG Talent in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves Jesus and is interested in acting in Christian films, or theatre. She has extensive acting, singing, and dance training and wants to utilize the talents God has given her to bless the lives of others. Her resume is attached on her agent's website, along with their email address. - (Click here to visit)
Michael Ernst, Christian drama ministry of Michael J. Ernst featuring patriotic, biblical and entertaining dramas and workshops for churches, schools and organizations. Also features information about religious beliefs of America's Founding Fathers - (Click here to visit)
Michael Joiner, Cutting-edge Comedy for Contemporary Christians! A national touring comedian and contributing writer for Jay Leno. Michael believes in a combination of Christ-likeness and quality production! - (Click here to visit)
Moks, We're a church base, theater group, compose of Filipino youths aging 13-26 years old. Established in Milan, Italy. serving God through theater in our church at Sta Marie del Carmine Church. - (Click here to visit)
Myriam Gramajo, Hello, Im a musician, worship leader and pastor's wife. One of my talents is to act. I have been participating in plays since a kid. I wrote my first play at 13 years old, I have participated in some professional movies as and extra and I have lead many and different roles in plays. I have done comedy roles and kids plays too. My passion is to serve in arts and I will love to do it with your ministry. Thanks - (Click here to visit)
New Live Christian Comedy Troupe, The New Live Christian Comedy Troupe are comedic Christians. Jesus is our personal savior. We are like a Saturday Night Live genre. However, we are a Christian genre & only consist of Christians & will perform live; making sure to spread the message of salvation in Jesus Christ alone - For the glory of God - Through funny. For more information about us or if you would like information on booking us for your next event, go to our website - (Click here to visit)
Owen Hisle, My name is Owen Hisle. I live in Aurora, Colorado-(Denver area). I'm a Christian. I am a professional actor for films and voiceovers since 2001 and still growing; in the Lord. I'm interested in working in Christian film projects that are already in or, are coming to Colorado. Here is my website which has my-(resume, headshots, demo reels, voiceovers, testimonials, bio, contact info). God bless. - (Click here to visit)
Parris Lane, Emmy nominated Actress/Singer producer of Christian Animated Musical "GLORYTOYS" - (Click here to visit)
pastor Bridgett, Pastor Looking for faith base projects to represent Jesus Christ 100% in a lost and dying world. - (Click here to visit)
Paul Kuritz, Website of director, acting teacher, author Paul Kuritz, where the Christian take on contemporary culture is explored. - (Click here to visit)
Peter Wolf, Christian Comedian and Actor Peter Wolf is different than many of today's mainstream comedians. While much of the comedy world associates filth with fun, he separates himself from the pack by putting the bite on offensive language and crude subject matter. Peter is proud to be a part of the Clean Comedy Movement that is gaining popularity in the media and in comedy clubs across the country. Comedy without filth is still funny! - (Click here to visit)
Pradeep Stephen, Praise the Lord! Just wanted to share (from youtube) a quickly done short film by my brother in Christ Enoch Joshua. I am the main actor, Pradeep Stephen and hope it's blessing and door for what the Lord wants me to do in Christian films. God bless you! - (Click here to visit)
Prime Example!, Prime Example is the Christian skit comedy team of Jon and Fred, the Prime Ministers of Mirth! Visit their site for team info, bios, skit scripts and much more! - (Click here to visit)
Randy Fountain, Woodturning artist specializing in wooden bowl, candle holders, light houses, bottle stoppers and vases. - (Click here to visit)
Rebekah Cook, "Extremely professional, insightful, and a joy to work with." ~ Zack Lawrence (Director/Producer, "In His Steps") Rebekah Cook is an actress, coach, casting director, and script supervisor that specializes in faith, family-friendy, and redemptive films. Since 2009, she has worked on 16 feature films across 10 different states. Her experience both in front of and behind the camera has enabled her to mentor other rising talent both through online coaching and in workshops across the country. - (Click here to visit)
Rich Swingle, I've worked full time in the performing arts and applied theatre since 1995. My one-man plays and workshops have opened doors in 27 nations so far, and I've performed in 17 film projects since 2010. - (Click here to visit)
Rob Sargeant, Weak and Foolish Productions - Homepage of Actor, Writer and Producer Rob Sargeant. - (Click here to visit)
Ronald Clarkson, Think Paul Robeson, James Earl Jones, Avery Brooks, Dennis Haysbert - the kind of deep, rich, authoritative black male voice that makes your audience take notice. He's been the off stage voice of God in dramatic productions. He's added rich on stage story telling narration to orchestral and operatic performances. Want to take your production to the next level? Ronald Clarkson is available to provide in-person or pre-recorded narrations or voice overs for theatrical, visual, and audio media. - (Click here to visit)
Sharing GOD Kid Style, We are part of the Body of Christ Family Film Ministry. We are a group of professional actors ages 9 - 69 who perform live at events and act in various film projects. We perform short scripts which are bible based sharing GOD. Our scripts deal with things most teens are going through and teaches all ages how to overcome trials and tribulations using the word of GOD. We are currently looking for new actors, visit our link for more information about Sharing GOD Kid Style - (Click here to visit)
Shira Lacy, Christian.Wife.Actress.HealthNut I'm an aspiring actress who's current work includes promotional work for Dave Ramsey, Randall House Publishing, student and indpendent film and more. My goal is to work primarily in positive faith based work.God has given me these gifts and I want to use them for Him. - (Click here to visit)
Stacey Bradshaw, With experience in both theater and film, I am eagerly pursuing my passion for acting and I strongly desire to serve God with my talents! I am 26 years old, but look young enough to play a teenager. My main desire is to act in faith-based films. Please visit my listed website to view pictures, resumes, and video clips, and connect with me on my Facebook actor's page ( - (Click here to visit)
Steve Feazel, A web site which promotes his one person drama on relationships and worship service scripts. - (Click here to visit)
Timothy Browning, Singer and song writer, with a link to "Midnight Watch" singing group - (Click here to visit)
timothy omole, Timothy Omole studied THEOLOGY at CAC Theological Seminary Ile Ife and LIFE Theological seminary,Ikorodu. He studied DRAMA at the University of Lagos and also at INTERNATIONAL FILM AND BROADCAST ACADEMY He is the founder and director of JESUS THEATRE MINISTRIES [] which has given birth to many drama ministries and nurtured many ministers in Nigeria since 1985 He is currently the dean of the message seminary,offering theology , communication and creative arts.[] - (Click here to visit)
TLisa, I love to sing for Jesus and praise His holy name. This is what I was born to do. - (Click here to visit)
TouchPoint Theatre Ensemble, TOUCHPOINT is a professional community theatre company, based in Oxfordshire, UK. Our vision is to serve through quality, original, relevant and redemptive theatre arts productions and to work in partnership with existing arts and other projects. we engage with other professionals and artists in training on a project by project basis as well as to engage and train up promising new talent from the age of 16 and upwards. - (Click here to visit)
Troy Drollinger, Troy Drollinger is a Christian actor and licensed minister who has memorized over 50 chapters of the Bible. Troy has performed the Portrayal of Christ, in which he quotes the teachings of Jesus directly from the scripture. Troy Drollinger has presented his portrayals of scripture in more than 1500 churches. He also has gives a presentation of the book of James and the Revelation. The Revelation is a powerful production of the entire New Testament Book of Revelation. - (Click here to visit)
Upon This Rock Films, Please support 'Upon This Rock Films' first film project with your generous contribution. Click here >> << to be taken to the contribution site. - (Click here to visit)
Upon This Rock Films LLC, Upon This Rock Films LLC's free acting class/workshop. There’s something about going to an acting class that really helps you, as a person, understand that you are not alone. Having to get up in front of a group of people and, really let go, really show all your sides, good, bad, different and ugly, learning to scream, and open up, to laugh hysterically at yourself and others and, just having to be a kid once again. - (Click here to visit)
Upon This Rock Films LLC, Upon This Rock Films LLC, Is Now Accepting Screenplay Submissions For Our Next Film Project Upon This Rock Films & Maskil Productions are the recipients of various awards for our 2014 film, 'FULFILLMENT' Produced By: Owen Hisle / Written & Directed By: Tim Nolte How To Submit. Go to and follow all submission instructions. Blessings from the UTRF Team - (Click here to visit)
Upon This Rock Films LLC, Upon This Rock Films(UTRF) Is Now Opening To The Public Various Christian Opportunities In The Aurora, Colorado(Denver metro area). 1)-Hiring A Fundraising Development Director 2)-Seeking Short Christian Screenplay Ready To Shoot 3)-Seeking Help To Contribute To The Ongoing Success Of UTRF's Current And Future Film/s. PLEASE NO EMAILS. USE - (Click here to visit)
Vince Higgins, I portray one character - Jesus... passionately delivering the entire "Sermon on the Mount"(Matt: 5-8), garnished in a collection of His ever-relevant parables and thought provoking passion depiction. The presentation, Heaven's Bread, is approx. 45 mins., involves two wardrobe changes and begins with Christ's first ministerial words and ends with His final advocation to His followers... using the audience as the multitude throughout the transitions. See website for viewer commentary. - (Click here to visit)
Vyck Cooley, Offical site of Vyck Cooley, host of TV show Club Jubilee! and Atlanta's hottest comic. Vyck has quickly become the south's hottest leading clean comedian. - (Click here to visit)
Warren Sager, Actor, Playwright, director. Warren was born in 1957 and has been married since 1979. Most of his experience is in community theater and church dramas. He is 5'10", slender at 155 lbs and bald with some grey/brown hair on the sides and back. - (Click here to visit)
Wolfgang Hildebrandt, International Christian Recording Artist, Singer & Songwriter and Human Rights Activist, New York City, NY, US - Cologne, Germany - (Click here to visit)